Following our core values offer quality, commitment and consistency in the pursuit of success.
Baratto Brothers values skilled tradesmen. Some skills can be taught and others are instinctual and come with many years of experience. True quality craftsmanship is more than completing a task. At a fundamental level, it’s doing what you love and doing it with precision and skill.
Superior Quality
Our expectations are high and for good reason. We strive to meet or exceed our own rigid standards in materials we use, subcontractors we enlist, and products we recommend on every project. Our reputation for quality construction is created from every decision made along the way, and in pursuing high quality building practices that yield unmatched results.
Customer Service
Exceptional communication is needed to provide the best in customer service experience. From completing a project on time and on budget, to handling change orders and service warranty items, service excellence is high on our list of values. Texting, phone calls, email updates, and on site visits, we will do what it takes to meet our client’s needs.
Honesty & Integrity
Honesty and Integrity speak for themselves. We aspire to give the best advice possible to our customers as an industry expert instead of selling to them for our benefit or profit. Being upfront and standing behind our product and what we say is at the core of who Baratto Brothers is as an organization and the reason why we have repeat clients.
Accountability is taking responsibility for actions that impact employees, clients, and ultimately our commercial projects. We understand the significance of being accountable to our word, products, and policies and how this influences the lives around us and ultimately our reputation as a business.
design & Innovation
It’s important to stay up to date not only on the latest building trends and products available, but also on creative problem solving and innovative building solutions on the cusp of what will be available in the future. From energy efficiency to industry trends, thoughtful design and world-class innovation produce award winning results.
Efficiency is a skill that creates more abundance and less waste in materials, time and money. These key resources are indispensable in the success of a project. It affords us more time to focus on what’s important, the ability to execute a task well and pass those savings on to our customers.
Passion is the driving force in what aids us to operate at a premier level. Our dedicated employees that love what they do put their hearts and minds fully into the project at hand to produce the best outcome which in turn results in construction builds we can all be proud of.
We respect employees, timelines, budgets, and most of all, our clients, and their property. Respect is integral to the growth of our business and key in building solid relationships with our current and future customers as we strive to become Your Builder For Life.
Safety is our #1 concern for our workers, clients, and the general public. We invest in weekly safety training talks, comply with official safety programs, conduct equipment checks, install temporary railings and guards when needed and keep a clean safety record which ultimately results in lower costs for everyone.
Being proactive and looking ahead to take action with energy and enthusiasm before a problem presents itself can head off many issues at the root level. We value individuals who display a good work ethic, a go-getting attitude, and drive with a readiness and willingness to take action when it’s needed.
Partnering, integration, and collaboration are necessary factors in determining successful project processes and great outcomes. It requires sharing ideas, flexibility, and concise communication. We enjoy working with our customers, designers, and subcontractors to come together in creating a smooth and exciting experience that also produces five-star results.
Build with us
Baratto Brothers Construction appreciates your time and we welcome your inquiries. We are standing by and eager to connect. Please use our contact form below or email us at build@localhost.
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