5 Reasons Why Great Outdoor Lighting Matters

As we now enter cabin season, where we spend more of our days (and nights) outside, the usage of outdoor lighting can create a special ambiance you’d likely miss during the cold winter months. Residential architecture is becoming more beautiful with every new year, and as such, it’s smart to consider additional ways to enhance the curb appeal your home already has. You’ve spent the money on it, why not accentuate the beauty your home and landscape have?

Few additions to your home can add both beauty and practicality the way outdoor lighting can. Here are some of the best reasons to add outdoor lighting to your home this summer:

  1. Increased value and curb appeal – As discussed earlier, accentuating the landscaping, special features, and overall beauty of your home using well-placed outdoor lighting will not only increase the value of your home, but also add to the overall curb appeal. It should come as no surprise that when people are looking to sell their home, landscape lighting is one of the first improvements made to increase the wow! factor. When you combine the lighting system with solar powered or high efficiency LED lights, you don’t even have to worry about your carbon footprint or massive energy bills.
  2. Added safety – Safety is obviously a compelling reason a homeowner would consider adding outdoor lighting to their home. If you have balconies, garden steps, a pool, dark deck or walkway to the lake, adding lighting will make finding your way through the dark Minnesotan landscape all that much easier. Perhaps you have children who could use the added visual boost during the dark winter months to find their way from the detached garage to the house. Whatever your situation, outdoor lighting can make getting to where you have to go in the dark that much easier.
  3. Landscaping focal points – Here in the Lakes Area, we embrace nature and put a lot of pride into our landscaping focal points. With well-placed outdoor lighting, you can not only make your landscaped yard stand out beautifully, but you can make your focal points like a gazebo, water feature, or lakeside cantina get the best return for their investment by keeping them well-lit for you and your guests.
  4. Better security – With a well-lit home, you provide less opportunities for a burglar to attempt a break-in because the chances they can do so undetected are reduced dramatically. This could be even more important for those of our seasonal residents who share their time between our lovely Minnesota lakes and somewhere else in this world.
  5. Happiness – It’s been well documented that lighting plays a role in our overall moods and happiness. Hues, color, warmth, are all ways we can control the lighting and ultimately make their outdoor environment more appealing. Great outdoor lighting will make your outdoor space more inviting, and feel more luxurious. Who wouldn’t love those feelings while sitting outside on the patio for summer cocktails?

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